Modern, yet traditional. A story of a watchmaker Enis Tufina. Not every watchmaker can be as celebrated for its movements as Omega or as admired for its designs as Rolex. Some watchmakers get their start simply by seeing a chance and grasping it. Such is the story of Enis Tufina, who grew around watchmaking and made him a valuable addition to the world of German watchmaking some 30 years ago. Little did the Germans know that Enis came from a long family line of watchmaking. Tufina's are the watchmakers of one of the oldest European clock towers, the Sahati i Tiranës built in 1822. As well, his family in the 1920’s made Swiss wall clocks and table clocks until the communists took over the country and their business. The opportunity Tufina acknowledged in the early ‘90s was not technological. Rather, it was market driven. Tufina saw an opening for less-expensive German wristwatches in the online world and took it. Since Enis was already working for some years with Trias and Elysee, it was not a large jump to add his own branded model to the offerings. In 1999 his watches were selling well, which has made him a pioneer of online selling. By 2005, Enis was running his own company and had more than one brand including Pionier. While Mr. Tufina got its start with a market model, it rapidly moved into more rarefied terrain, creating highly stylish durable timepieces. His Pionier watches are both traditional and at the same time sophisticatedly stylish which can be worn in both a casual and formal setting. His longline of watchmakers combined with his online pioneering experience have for sure engraved a path for success.


1868 Tufina