Our mechanical and automatic watches are fine for splash resistant. Ok for rain, hand washing splashes, other occasional contact with water, but not intensively and not for long periods. Do not swim with your Theorema, do not take showers with your Theorema. Treat your timepiece as a gentleman's watch that it is.

Please make sure that your watch complies to the appropriate level of water resistance.

We do recommend that if the watch is not kept in normal room temperatures or if it's kept for a prolonged period of time in very humid conditions to have the Theorema official service centre in Germany have a check of all it's part in case of any rust. 

Want to take it a step further to protect your watch?
Make sure at all times that the crown is always pushed back against the case (1st position), especially after setting the time or adjusting its functions.

If water accidentally enters inside the case or if you notice any trace of moisture let it dry, wipe it down using a cloth, and contact us in order to send the watch to our service centre in Germany.

Avoid contact with sea water. Avoid contact with any chemicals. Avoid contact with soaps. Avoid taking a shower with your gentleman watch. We highly suggest that you read the Instruction Manual.