Hand designed Geneva tourbillon
Design is an implementation of soul. It all starts with a pencil.

Our job at Pionier is not only to come up with striking modern-looking watches, with the ability to stand out, but to ensure the high standard of Hand-made in Germany. 

When we look at design, we go straight to the eyes of our clients, and we ask ourselves one important question.

What do they see?

A watch is not meant only to impress, among other things it is made to remind you daily of that precious thing called time.

Our embodiment of time is present in every design that we make.

It's especially visible in our skeleton watches, where you see the full depth of the watch mechanism working in the background just for you.

It's a striking concept, which tickles an unidentifiable emotion within our brain.
An emotion which gives us both pleasure, and makes us appreciate time even more!

Watchmaker Adrian Tufina
All our watches are hand-designed and hand-assembled in Munich, Germany. They come with 2 years warranty. Trademarked in 2004 by the German government.