Mechanical watches work on power reserve, which means that energy is saved in the barrel spring and continuously is distributed into the gears of the mechanism to establish a smooth operation of the watch.

All watchmakers do recommend to wind your watch approximately at around same time every day in order to give it the energy required for the watch to maintain highest functionalism during the 24 hours. 

If the watch is not worn daily; but you want to avoid setting it up daily, we advise to keep winding it before the power reserve is consumed.


If a mechanical watch requires manual winding different is the story for an automatic watch. The wrist movement will produce the energy that is slowly distributed to the barrel spring through the oscillating mass to ensure a smooth operation. Thanks to this process you do not need to manually wind an automatic watch.  

To keep the watch in constant operation our advice is to wear the watch everyday for at least 6 hours or get yourself a watch winding case. This will help avoiding having to adjust time each wear.

What to do if your watch stops? The finest way to bring it back as evenly it's by turning the winding crown around 30 times. Do not shake if you have not worn it for days.